Cabinets Makers Bay Area

Cabinets Bay Area prides itself on our local talent, a united group of cabinet makers in the Bay Area that focus exclusively on building cabinetry from the ground up.  We do not use prefabricated cabinets from China or anywhere else.  You can rest assured that your cabinets were made in the U.S.A. by local artisans who are passionate about carpentry and cabinetry.  Our cabinet makers have spent over 30 years working in San Jose and the surrounding Bay Area helping to build and design custom kitchen, bathroom, and office cabinetry to suit our client’s specific needs.  Moreover, you are able to watch as your project takes shape because our shop is but a few minutes away from the intersection of 101 and Brokaw in San Jose.  We are a local company dedicated to sustainable techniques and materials that our cabinet makers have refined over ti me.  Please call or email today for a FREE, IN-HOME CONSULTATION to get a free quote from our design team.  They will help you make an informed decision on the right cabinetry for your special project.