Cabinet Refacing Ideas

Cabinet Refacing Ideas

Cool Cabinetry Styles and Trends

Cabinet refacing provides the perfect opportunity to modify the style of your cabinets. You’ll be surprised at how even the slightest change in texture and color or a new set of cabinet knobs can alter the looks of your cabinetry. The good news is you don’t even have to tear down the entire structure of your cabinets – not if they’re still in great shape and condition. If your cabinets’ structural integrity has not been damaged by heat, moisture or pests, then all you have to do is resurface or reface them to provide a particular area in your home a “new-look” and style. Refacing is much more economical, not just in terms of budget and money; it also saves you a lot of time, inconvenience, and mess.

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Choosing the Right Style

Even after you’ve decided to reface your cabinets, you still have to make decisions on many aspects – one of which is determining the style and design you want for your “new” cabinets. You have a wide range of selection that can change the character and appearance of your cabinetry – whether you go for contemporary, traditional, country, cozy, or transitional style. In addition, the end-result all lays in the balance as for instance, the color scheme you choose, accessories, knobs, hinges and other hardware that can enhance your preferred style. Take a look at the following list to help you get some ideas about the style of cabinet doors and drawer fronts you are aiming for.

• Contemporary. This style goes by the adage “less is more” and generally brings into play the minimalist look – simple, chic, and slick. Opt for flush cabinet doors and drawer fronts without any extra curves or ornamentation that gives the impression of an overall flat look. Accessorize with plain, straight door handles. This style goes well with metal or enamel color, preferably white, silver, or bright primary colors.
• Craftsman. If you are partial to simple lines and fine furniture craftsmanship, this theme, which is characterized by understated woodwork design, would most likely appeal to your taste. Wrought-iron hardware would be a good choice to complete the ensemble.
• Romantic. Soft, intricate details are commonly carved into cabinet doors and drawer fronts with this style; giving them a feminine, fancy quality that is often echoed in their ornate pewter or silver knobs and pulls. To highlight the romantic facet, cabinet heights usually go all the way to the ceiling. White or cream color with floral or swirling ornamental details can definitely accentuate the romantic aura.
• Old World. Intricate and ornate are the only apt words to describe this style. It is recognizable by its fancy molding and design that resembles Italian or French furniture. The sturdy appearance gets even more emphasized if you paint the cabinets with earthy tones, and the Old World feel can be further enhanced by sanding or glazing to obtain a touch of distressed look.
• Country. Even at first glance, cabinets with this style give the impression of casual and comfortable. The country look typically features a beadboard at the front of the cabinet door, and a slightly distressed look that is easily achieved with the use of glaze rounds up the country charm.

After picking the style that interests you most, your next concern is probably the type of material and accessories that will go well with the design. Below is a rundown of three of the most preferred choices vis-à-vis their “best-match” style.

Cherry – a reddish-brown wood with rich, satiny appearance. A bit more expensive than the other two options and is frequently used for contemporary style, but not the best pick for country, old world, or romantic cabinets.

Maple – With color ranging from cream to light, reddish brown, this extremely dense and tough but light wood will look great when used in contemporary cabinets or the more traditional old world style with raised panels.

Oak – Although it has recently been losing some of its market share to maple and cherry, oak has maintained its popularity, especially among those who give more weight to simple and cost-efficient options such as craftsman and contemporary styles. There are two popular types of oak, both known for their durability – the white oak, which has long rays and red oak, a consistent favorite because it has a more open grain.

Other Cabinet Refacing Trends and Ideas

When looking for some ideas for refacing your cabinets, you can set up a theme in your mind, choose a particular style and decide on the material and accessories to use according to your chosen theme/style. However, you can also draw some inspiration from current cabinet refacing trends. Here are a few ones that may provide additional cabinet refacing ideas and options.

• Crown moldings and picturesque arrangements are a big hit these days, making the simplest cabinet look elegant and polished. There’s an array of choices in different sizes and shapes. Just make sure that the style of the crown molding you select complements your cabinet door style. It would certainly look odd if you install an ornate crown molding with a slab door.
• Want just a bit if change with huge impact? Try adding stylish hardware to your cabinets. Finely crafted handles or elaborately designed knobs are definitely in. Even if you opt for the minimalist contemporary style, you can bedeck it with an exquisite door knob or opt for modern tubular handles to highlight the basic structure of your cabinets.
• Give some attention to lower base cabinets and think: accessibility. Converting lower base cabinets into big and deep but soft closing drawers provides more easily accessible storage space. Gliding drawers are pretty much the trend these days, mainly for their convenience and accessibility. You don’t even need to bend to put in or take out stuff – the drawers simply come sliding out!
• Do you find the look of glass-front cabinets fascinating but not quite sure if you relish the idea of having the contents completely obvious and visible? Why not try frosted or opaque glass instead. It provides the same light appearance as the transparent glass but discreetly conceals the contents of the cabinet.


Cabinet refacing takes careful planning and preparation, so you can enjoy the optimum benefit of having revitalized, fresh-looking and good-as-new cabinets, without having to pay a fortune. You don’t have to give up style either, just because you don’t have a celebrity’s budget. All you need is to have a clear idea of the style and material you’d be interested in before you embark on your cabinet refacing project. Knowing the hottest trends and using some of the many budget-conscious refacing ideas can absolutely help.