Custom Closets - San Francisco Bay Area

Apartments in the Bay Area deserve more storage space, and Bay Area residents deserve more organization and functionality in their lives. 

Our closets make the most out of any space you have. With our custom closets and designs, we help you make those hard-to-reach spaces become functional – and handy. Suddenly, your once disorganized room has become a sleek and useful space that makes you feel a sense of peace and confidence in your daily to-dos. 


classic wood modern closet background

While some closets may simply involve creating custom drawers, shelving, shoe racks or hanging options to achieve this uber-organized end-goal, sometimes, it involves creating full built-in wardrobes or custom cabinets. 

This is what we do.

We do whatever it takes to create a space where all your belongings are accessible while helping the rooms appear larger than they actually are, getting the most out of your money by providing personalized services and designs.

Custom Design, Crafted for Home Confidence

Our professional and renowned cabinet design work has led us to create equally as stunning and smart closet designs – all of which are inspired by the connections we have with our clients. 

As each design is custom-made by the client, we make sure we put your voice at the forefront of the process. By listening and asking the right questions to understand what you need from our collaboration, we are able to create design solutions that fit your personal needs – exactly. 

Our goal is to hit that sweet spot between functionality and aesthetics to create a feeling of joy and confidence among our clients whenever they’re home. 

Local & Handcrafted Parts

All our furniture and cabinets are made locally in the Bay Area, where our highly skilled craftsmen bring your vision to life. 

Our clients love our variety of materials (including eco-friendly) and neighbourly interactions we provide when meticulously creating your custom installation – which is why care and connection are at the forefront of our mission. 

Project Organization

Once you call into or visit our shop, you will be connected with your go-to professional where you can discuss design and construction information with him/her. 

As a fully-licenced and insured business, we’re able to provide general contracting while navigating your project’s complexities. This allows our design team to focus on optimizing your existing space to meet your taste and needs as professionally as possible. 

Interested to envision what your future custom closet will look like? Call one of our in-house design experts today to discuss what you have in mind.