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bambooSocial Bamboo Meaning
By incorporating the element of bamboo to our environment, we are sending a message and a contribution to the world of social and ecological awareness.
This is a good example  example of a kitchen made out of bamboo , even the handles design anf made with bamboo.

Eco Friendly Custom Kitchen Made of Bamboo

eco friendly kitchen cabinets

Custom Kitchen made of Bamboo

Given the acceptance and uptake of the benefits of designing with features, almost mystical of bamboo , have excellent unprecedented opportunity to redesign absolutely every element used by man in his daily life , furniture, houses , offices, etc. . etc

bamboo cabinets

Bamboo Cabinets & Handles

Modern processing techniques allow the use of bamboo to industries that use it as raw material to manufacture bamboo flooring , tables products , laminates and furniture. Bamboo is becoming a substitute for wood pulp and paper industry .

eco friendly kitchen

Bamboo and other Materials, Trendy Combinations

green ktichen cabinets

Green Kitchen Cabinets