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Cabinets Bay Area  specializes in cabinet refacing and cabinet refinishing, with  30 years of experience in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We offer kitchen cabinet refacing and refinishing, kitchen cabinets and custom cabinets.

We aim to be at the forefront of ecological sustainability, technology, and style.  By incorporating the latest ecologically sound materials we want to bring refacing and the construction of custom kitchen cabinetry into the twenty-first century.  Using BAMBOO, one of the most durable and sustainable woods, we hope to revolutionize the cabinet industry.

What we do

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refinishing

Custom Cabinets

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Cabinets Bay Area stands at the center of sustainability, technology, and style. We provide our clients with unique, modern, and custom designs to suit their specific needs.

Although cabinet-making is an old profession, we have been taking big steps to revolutionize it in order to make it a more sustainable and earth-friendly process.  We continue to use well-known hardwoods like Maple, Cherry, and Birch.  HEMA Design Center has been working with lumber companies in the Bay Area that seek to harvest wood from sustainable forests and forests approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

However, Cabinets Bat Area is committed to sustainability. We place design, style and quality on the same level as social and environmental matters. Thus, we believe that BAMBOO is the wood of the future.  Not only is BAMBOO a renewable resource, but it is also natural and absolutely beautiful.  We are designers as well as members of the green community that hope to contribute to the movement to create a more ecologically sound economy.

Cabinets Bay Area will work with our clients individually to create a look and feel that exemplifies your taste and aesthetic. With over thirty years of experience in the cabinetry business in the Bay Area, the cabinet-makers at HEMA Design Center want to fulfil your dreams of a custom kitchen that is both at the peak of sophistication and style but also completely ecologically sustainable.


All of our cabinets are made from natural, sustainable, nontoxic materials.

Why Bamboo?

The benefits of bamboo are many.  From a forestry standpoint, bamboo can be grown with no added fertilizers, pesticides or irrigation and can retain up to 70% more carbon per year than a hardwood forest. For instance, Moso bamboo, a temperate species of giant timber bamboo, has an optimal five-year growth cycle and is selectively harvested by hand, eliminating heavy equipment that can impact habitat. Bamboo can be harvested without the need to replant, as it naturally regenerates annually. Due to a rhizome root structure, bamboo has the ability to hold loose soil in place, preventing erosion. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable, readily available, and incredibly sustainable alternative source of material for cabinet making and refacing.  From its humble origins as an inexpensive raw material for building or fabrication of simple structures, furniture, tools, baskets, artistic craft and food source, bamboo now finds itself used for flooring, plywood, veneers, bicycles, fabrics and additives for both food and cosmetics. This has created new jobs in forestry, manufacturing, innovation and design, science and technology.  Bringing bamboo into the vanguard of cabinetry will place kitchen design at the forefront of ecological sustainability and sophistication.

Our Team

With over 30 years of experience in the cabinet and remodeling business in the Bay Area, we have the most proficient cabinet makers and craftsmen in the industry.  Our carpenters and cabinet makers work with some of the most well-known designers, architects, and contractors in the area.  We strive to manufacture the most ecologically-friendly cabinetry using only sustainable materials in order to change the direction of contemporary construction.  Given the growing concerns about global warming and continued damage to the viable resources on Earth, Cabinets Bay Area has placed as its greatest focus the combination of sophistication, functionality, precision, and sustainability to the creation of cabinetry in the twenty-first century.

Cabinets Bay Area works with several trusted local cabinet makers as well as our own in-home staff.  During our FREE in home consultation we will discuss the style and functionality of your new kitchen in order to place your project in the best hands.  Our design and project managers will work with you and the cabinet makers to create the most spectacular results.  We want our clients to be proud of the finished results, because we have long believed that there is no better advertising than happy clients.